Sunday, November 09, 2008

9-Month Assessment (Nov 2008)

Just a little update ... 

Darren and I are heading back to Toronto for my 9-month assessment ... and yes, time has gone by that quickly!

I'll be having the same routine testing that I had done during my 6-month assessment in September ... hopefully they won't have any surprises for me when we get there! There has been a big scare at St. Mike's Hospital and the Transplant Clinic ... with the "bad CF bug" B. Cepacia being found in some new patients. Unfortunately, I've been exposed to this bug ... but we'll have to wait for the testing during the bronch and biopsy to find out "what's what"! I'm not really sure what it means for me now that I've been transplanted ... so I'm sure there may indeed be a few surprises next week!

We're leaving on Saturday, Nov 15 and returning Friday, Nov 21 ... that's if everything goes as planned. We'll keep everyone posted on Facebook, via email and CarePages!

Wish us luck!