Monday, September 02, 2013

A Little Scare ...

I know, I know ... no blogs in forever!  I do have a good reason ... I did start my Masters program in Social Work September 2012 and it has been BUSY!  That combined with working full time ... oh my, what was I thinking??  Nevertheless, I've started, have 1 year completed, and beginning year 2.

So what have I been doing since this time last year?  Working, studying, working, life, working, studying, travelling, working, life, studying ... AND .... working!

My life is pretty much revolving around working, and I'm not liking that.  It seems we are either at work or at home sleeping!  I'm trying to figure out a new path for us ... not quite sure what that is right now ... but hopefully I will figure it out soon!

Other than working, we did take our 3rd cruise in April 2013!  It was a great 8 days on the water and another 7 days in Florida ... Disney, pool and shopping all included!  A fantastic time all around.  Now it's preparing and gearing up for 2014!!  

So what about this little scare ... since January 2013, my lung functions have been going down little by little.  Nothing noticeable until the transplant clinic went back and took a look at the overall trend ... from 94% down to 83% ... that's a huge drop even though it was over a long period of time.  So here I am, at clinic, with them asking me when there is a good time to visit Toronto again??!!  WHAT!!??  It can't be rejection.  But all the signs point to it.  Five years in and this??

That was on a Friday ... August 23, 2013.  I vowed that this would not be my time to face transplant again ... so I joined the gym on Monday.  By Friday, August 30, 2013, I had worked by butt off ... and low and behold, my lung function test that morning showed it!  Back up to 93%!!!  YAY ME!!

Here's to exercising and getting my life back on track.  We often think that the 'bad things' can't or won't happen to us, until we are faced with it again.  I know my life is a million times better now; however I still have to realize this is not forever, and I need to keep working at ME!

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