Thursday, April 26, 2012

366 Days

Last year sealed the deal for us in traveling and cruising in particular.  I've never been one to just sit around and "relax" too much ... I would rather be out going around, looking at the sights, taking in all a place has to offer.  Unfortunately I could not do much of that (apart from sitting in a car driving) before 2008.  Since that time, and with a little taste of traveling, I have found a new love ... traveling and exploring!

Most people vacation to relax and sit back on the beach.  Me, I would rather visit a new place and explore.  Now don't get me wrong, I do like to relax a little while on vacation ... but to be truthful, I don't really know how to relax that much :).

With that being said, and with our most recent cruise just behind us, I started to get the 'itch' to travel again (yes I know I just got back).  Not that I need to travel, but that I can and want to!  Knowing that we wanted to do another cruise, we began looking at what Carnival had to offer for this time next year.

One of my co-workers had overheard me talking about cruising next year and began asking questions about it.  2013 will be her 50th birthday, and her partner has always wanted to do a Caribbean cruise.  Me being my convincing self told her all about it ... and before long she was hooked!

Well, before the day had ended, we had booked the cruise and were going to surprise our partners with it.  Yup, booked again!  We decided on Carnival's newest ship, the Breeze ... and can wait to see what she has to offer!

Happy Cruising ... and the countdown has begun ... 366 days ...

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