Sunday, May 06, 2012

Change, It's a Wonderful Thing

I'm not really sure why I did not pursue a career in the IT field ... oh wait, now I remember.  Although I love computers, learning new programs and even testing out the waters of HTML, I become VERY frustrated with the whole thing.

As you can see, I've change up my blog ... AGAIN!  I enjoy changing things up (in all parts of my life) and my blog is, well, about the easiest and quickest thing I can change on a whim.

In any case, I've been quite slack on keeping my blog updated.  I do have a few posts to upload ... particularly from our past vacation!

Also, my friend has played a part in renewing my blogging ... as he is a new blogger, please check out his site at Jamie's Journey ... this is going to be one blog to watch!  Congrats Jamie on you upcoming blogging adventure :)

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